On February 24, 2023, the 2022 review was presented and new workshops were held to refine the 2023 action plan. 120 people gathered at the Cité du Vin – including residents, professionals, representatives of associations and public institutions – to discuss the objectives achieved and to propose their ideas for the implementation of the new metropolitan strategy.

Year in Review 2022

The year 2022 was the first year of implementation of actions to achieve the objectives set by the new metropolitan strategy for responsible tourism and events. 

The program to support the responsible transition of Bordeaux’s tourism offer (axis 1 of the roadmap) affected 116 companies, particularly in the accommodation, wine tourism and restaurant sectors.

Actions aimed at putting residents back at the heart of tourist life have been developed (axis 2 of the roadmap). The creation of new brochures, thematic guided tours, and self-guided itineraries on Un Air de Bordeaux have contributed to the rediscovery of the territory by metropolitan residents. Actions have been targeted at people in precarious situations and people with disabilities in order for them to benefit from this tourist offer.

The creation of the Bordeaux Bienvenue program and the annualization of Bordeaux Fête le Vin have contributed to the development of professional meetings and major events with a positive impact on the region (axis 3 of the roadmap). Several concrete actions in favor of environmental protection and greater inclusion have been deployed at professional and general public events.

Steering the economic development of tourism in a sustainable manner (axis 4 of the roadmap) has resulted in the refocusing of promotional activities on local markets and the launch of a study to create a master plan for tourist accommodation.

Workshops 2023

During this participatory meeting, 87 of the 120 participants took part in 3 workshops in order to refine the 2023 action plan. 

A first group asked the question « How to promote local products and know-how? » To answer this question, the participants imagined the publication of a newspaper of the future dated 2026 with the title « Bordeaux allows the meeting between producers, craftsmen and visitors ». Their role was to define the action plan to achieve this objective.

The second group looked at « how to raise awareness and support event organizers to improve the environmental performance of events ». Several stages of the event were addressed in order to propose a concrete methodology (how to convince the event organizer or how to ensure logistical support with local solutions for example).

« How to feed the offer of guided tours in the metropolis » was the issue studied by the last group. For this, the participants took the role of 4 personas – the family, the group of senior friends, the students, the newcomers – and asked themselves what content of the itinerary could arouse the desire of each group.

All the ideas gathered will allow the progress of the actions planned in 2023 within the framework of the metropolitan strategy that was collectively elaborated in 2021. This 24 February, which was full of reflection, will help to affirm Bordeaux’s place as a responsible tourism destination.

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