The new participative governance for tourism in Bordeaux brings a renewal to the territory and its actors. This approach has been recognized by awards and reported in the regional and national press. We are taking up here some of these relays so that you can, through these articles, learn more about the project.

  • European Capital of Smart Tourism 2022 

Initiated by the European Commission, this title aims to highlight European cities that work for an innovative, accessible and sustainable tourism. This year, Bordeaux and Valencia in Spain have been awarded. Bordeaux’s inclusive and open approach was recognized by the jury during the award ceremony.

What is smart tourism?

Smart tourism responds to the new challenges of a changing tourism industry: accessibility, sustainable development, digitalization, as well as cultural heritage and creativity.


« Tourisme durable, accessibilité : Bordeaux, capitale européenne du « Smart Tourism », reçoit son prix »


La chaîne TV7 : La Grande Édition


« Bordeaux and València selected as 2022 European Capitals of Smart Tourism ?» 


« Bordeaux and València are european capitals of Smart Tourism 2022 »

In this first episode, Misa Labarile, Policy Officer at the European Commission, discusses with the European Capitals of Tourism 2022, València and Bordeaux, and their tourism policy experts, how to become a smart tourism destination and why smart tourism matters.

To learn more about the European Capital of Smart Tourism award, click here.


  • The « Time for DMOcracy » initiative

Time for DMOcracy is a joint research project to explore and develop methods and models for participatory governance of European tourism destinations. This initiative was launched by the NAO Group, a Danish creative agency working for the evolution of tourism, culture and urban development. Destinations such as Bordeaux, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Brussels and Oslo are participating in this initiative. The aim is to respond to the need to involve and empower local communities, citizens and a wider set of stakeholders in the governance of sustainable tourism and destination development.

The result will be a white paper with recommendations for measuring resident sentiment, governance models and how to prototype them (the white paper is under preparation).

  • Press articles about « Agora for tourism in Bordeaux »


« Bordeaux Métropole s’engage pour un tourisme responsable »



« Tourisme durable : une nouvelle feuille de route pour Bordeaux Métropole »


« Tourisme : Bordeaux s’offre une stratégie responsable »

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