The overall level of satisfaction among visitors during their stay in the Bordeaux metropolitan area is slightly higher than average for European destinations (average of 210 points, 7 points above the European average of 203 points).

Green mobility, visitor welcome (including visitor information and reception from the local population) and the cultural offer are particularly praised.
There is room for improvement in terms of value for money, especially in accommodation and restaurants.

Source: Tourism clientele satisfaction survey in Bordeaux, December 2019, TCI Research. Survey carried out among 1,550 visitors.

Our strengths

Mobility is facilitated by public transport which is considered competitive:


Visitor reception is praised across the board. Scores exceeded standards among competitors.


The local offer is valued in terms of several aspects:

● Diversity of the local cuisine,
● Cultural and leisure activities,
● Guided tours/excursions particularly well rated,
● Historical heritage experience.

A favourable visit context:

● Good visitor information,
● A quality environment.

The reception by the local population is judged favourably (197 compared with a standard of 182) and the sense of security is excellent (208 compared with a European standard of 185).


The overall quality of accommodation and local cuisine, particularly in relation to the price of services, could be improved:


In terms of transport, access to the airport and reception at entry points are substandard. Similarly, taxi services are criticised among travellers arriving by air. For visitors with cars, road infrastructure and parking are wanting.

Nightlife is wanting:

The same applies to shopping opportunities:


The Eurocities standard takes into account the average responses for the cities of Amsterdam, Moscow, Nice, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Bruges, Budapest, Cork, Dublin, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Florence, Geneva, Zurich, Genoa, Istanbul, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris, Oporto, Prague, Rome, Salzburg, Sofia, Turin, Venice, Vienna, Copenhagen and Athens.

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