Building together a renowned destination in sustainable tourism

After 10 months of participatory consultations during which all the territory’s stakeholders exchanged their ideas for the tourism and events of tomorrow, Bordeaux Metropole has developed its roadmap up to 2026.

This document is the result of a synthesis of the ideas exchanged during the workshops. Bordeaux Métropole Tourism and Convention Office and Bordeaux Métropole worked hand in hand to offer a panel of 32 detailed actions with precise objectives, success indicators, a timetable and identification of key partners. A maximum of parameters were taken into account and calculated to ensure the proper implementation of each action.

Voting this roadmap marks the realisation of the participatory approach undertaken by Bordeaux Metropole and the Tourism and Convention Office to reinvent the codes of urban tourism and event activity, for a balanced development and a benefit shared by all.” announced Brigitte Bloch, president of the Bordeaux Métropole and the Tourism and Convention Office, Town Councillor Representative for Tourism and Wine Economy, and Vice-President of Bordeaux Métropole in charge of tourism, events and metropolitan equipment.

Here are the objectives that the Bordeaux Tourist Office and Bordeaux Metropole are committed to meeting:

Improving the offer and accompanying it through its environmental transition so that it is adapted to the new customers’ expectations and to the environmental commitments of Bordeaux Métropole, to go back to pre-Covid tourism performances and by renewing and creating customer loyalty thanks to the upgrade and transformation of the supply.

Developing local tourism to guarantee a balance for the territory, extending touristic seasons, incentivising dialogue between residents and visitors by offering to the metropolis’ inhabitants new discoveries and stay in and around Bordeaux Métropole area, as it was discussed during the territorial cooperation put in place by the metropolis.

Developing business tourism alongside with the territory’s sectors of excellence to always use better our dedicated infrastructures – those which have been built recently or those for which investments have been planned – and to increase economic impacts for the area regarding main sectors and skills


4 strategic axis


the touristic offer of Bordeaux towards an environmental and sustainable transition


professional meetings and big-scale events in order to support positive tourism on the metropolitan area


inhabitant at the centre of the touristic life and building a solidary destination made for people


the economic development of the tourism industry in a sustainable way


Presentation of the roadmap

On the 8th of February, from 11AM to 12:30PM the Tourism and Convention Office of Bordeaux and the Bordeaux Métropole Council presented the restitution of the participative workshops and their roadmap project. Indeed, this approach launched in May 2021 gave rise to reflection workshops bringing together inhabitants, elected members, associations, representatives of institutions and professionals. Exchange times have been organised in order to build together the future of urban tourism and event activity from a sustainable perspective.

In total, 90 people attended the project’s strategy presentation and were able to discuss with the tourist office’s teams to express their opinions. Overall, the workshops’ participants and other people that were involved in the participative approach gave us good feedbacks.

Participants’ comments :

“Thank you for this restitution in which I was able to recognise several themes that were discussed during the workshops. Looking forward to discovering and implementing those actions synopsis!”
“Thank you for this wonderful work that brought together all the metropolis’ stakeholders. Looking forward to discovering the final document with its actions and to see how we can humbly contribute to this project.”
“Congratulations for this ambitious roadmap. I give you my regards for the transversality of this approach, regarding the touristic offer, the evolution of practices, the integration of social tourism, the involvement of inhabitants, the widening of the visits’ perimeters and on mobility issues. Bravo!”
“I appreciated your wish to enable Bordeaux municipalities to get involved in touristic policies. Thank you as well for thinking about developing tourism for precarious publics.”

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