Two workshops were organised between the main sessions of June and October, one for residents and associations, and the other one with neighbouring territories.

Workshop with associations and residents

This workshop was held on 29 June 2021 in the evening, in order to adapt to everyone’s professional obligations. 15 people took part in the process, between representatives of associations and the C2D (Bordeaux Métropole Sustainable Development Council, a representative forum of residents). The associations act in the fields of environmental protection, tourism and solidarity.

After a presentation of the project, the participants were led to position themselves on the strategic axes chosen during the June workshops. They gave their opinion according to the interest of the suggested actions, in their eyes, for the territory and the relevance for their associations. The conclusions helped guide the workshops in October.

Territorial cooperation workshop on tourism in Gironde

A territorial cooperation workshop was held by videoconference on 21 September 2021, to address tourism in Gironde. The aim was to discuss strategic focuses proposed during the first workshops that could be extended beyond the metropolitan area.

The workshop was part of Bordeaux Metropole’s territorial cooperation strategy, initiated by its president Alain Anziani, and was in line with the participatory strategy organised by the Bordeaux Métropole Tourism and Convention Office.

It constituted an intermediate stage in the framework of the Agora for Tourism in Bordeaux and aimed to:

  • Inform the different territories of Gironde about the strategy and sustainable tourism initiatives launched within the metropolitan area 
  • Share good practices on key issues related to the project
  • Unite the territories with regard to potential joint actions 
  • Contribute to the content of the strategy

The Gironde department, Gironde Tourisme and 15 territories took part in the discussion, which addressed four themes:

  1. Sharing knowledge and good practices on sustainable development and accessibility
  2. Supporting tourism professionals who adopt sustainable practices 
  3. Promoting local produce and connecting farmers with restaurants and caterers 
  4. Flow and green mobility strategie

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